Jenner Headlands to Bodega Head
December 30, 2018
Adele and Bob

In the summer Adele and I decided we would see the sun set over the Pacific in December. Then in the fall we decided we would hike all the way up to the telescope lookout point in the newly opened Jenner Headlands Preserve.

On this adventure we did both, and more. We not only hiked up to the telescope (the two photos above were taken near there), we kept going, covering a total of over 2 1/2 miles, climbing almost 600 feet in elevation. Then, as we headed south to see the sunset we walked the beach near Goat Rock and, of course, picked up crab sandwiches and clam chowder at Spud Point Crab Company to take with us to the Bodega point overlooking the Pacific.

Almost every space was taken at the Bodega parking lot, but upon our arrival karma kicked in and someone with an excellent spot to view the sunset pulled out and we pulled in. The sunset was in fact beautiful, but we were quite surprised by the huge number of birds which floated near and above our car, also apparently watching the sunset. They simply floated in the wind. The last photo on this page shows just a few of them.

It was a glorious day and sunset!

The pictures above show that as we approached the telescope a cow and her calf welcomed us and once at the telescope we went up a small rise to stand next to a marker, now almost 60 years old, from the U.S. Geologic Survey.

The photos below show a very pretty picnic spot which a couple abandoned shortly after we arrived. Several hawks soared in the area (as did in fact crows and vultures) and one is shown below. And not only birds - the first picture above shows not only another hawk, but just above the hawk and far away a helicopter (as always, click on photo to see the full resolution, more detailed version of the picture).

The following four photos, taken as we started back, show what a spectacular view we had and also, at the end of the visible path we would be following, the small hill on which the telescope stands.

Two photos of Pole Hill (and the weather station on top) which was far in the distance:

As we headed down to the parking lot, the pampas grass shone brilliantly in the sun as the photos above show, and the telescope is now far behind us up on the hill as shown below.

After getting the car, which in fact was not in the parking lot - all spaces had been taken when we arrived, so we had parked in a nearby pull out off Highway 1 - we drove to Goat Rock and walked along the beach. While we sat in the car for a few moments at the Goat Rock parking lot, a sea gull stared at us, no doubt admiring the new car Bob had bought just a few days earlier (this was the car's first hiking trip).

The following photo shows an enormous flock of birds in the far distance below Highway 1 and above the beach.

A beautiful sunset. And so many birds watching it with us. The end of a wonderful, wonderful adventure.

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